Small Business

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Cut back on energy to significantly improve your bottom line.

Small Business Energy Upgrades

For small businesses located in western Massachusetts, reducing energy costs makes a significant impact in reducing monthly bills and expenses, especially as prices continue to rise on gas, electricity, water, and other resources. Horizon Solutions can help determine how efficient existing equipment is, recommend more effective materials, and help you understand just how great the benefits of improved energy efficiency are.

Energy Improvement Benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce energy
  • Save money
  • Avoid and lower maintenance costs
  • Increase safety
  • Better work environment

Whether through simple changes, or large-scale investments, every business operation can do something to save energy.

Small Business Energy Services Include

  • Indoor/outdoor lighting upgrades
  • HVAC upgrades and controls
  • System hot water heating
  • Electrical control systems
  • Insulation

As a small business owner, we understand working with the right solution provider is important. We’ll walk you through the calculations and show how small changes can have a big impact on cost savings, directly improving your bottom line. To make the most of your funding, we have the knowledge and expertise on which rebates and incentives you qualify for, making your return on investment even greater.

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