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Municipal facilities from City Hall to the firehouse.

Municipal Energy Upgrades Municipal Facility Upgrades

Elected officials and municipal staff have the important task of outlining the strategies for implementing improvements to facilities and operations that reduce energy costs, result in positive environmental changes, and provide improved returns when spending tax payer dollars. Horizon Solutions provides a comprehensive, whole-building assessment to construct a long-range energy efficiency plan.

Municipal Energy Services Include

  • Water and waste water energy reduction
  • Indoor/outdoor lighting upgrades
  • Chiller and boiler upgrades
  • Energy management systems
  • Insulation
  • HVAC upgrades and controls
  • System hot water heating
  • Electrical control systems
  • Control upgrades

Save on energy costs through immediate implementation of energy efficient projects.

Energy Improvement Benefits

  • Cost savings
  • Energy reduction
  • Maintenance costs lowered and avoided
  • Increased safety
  • Better comfort in work environments

We understand lack of funding can be an issue, and provide quality, energy efficient products that save you the most money, giving you maximum return on investment. Our strong connections and expertise in working with the local utilities companies in the areas we serve means you will receive the highest incentives to lower the overall project costs. If you have a specific funding source, such as a grant, Horizon Solutions can help determine what projects will make the most use of those funds.

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